Friday, April 24, 2009

Yes it's true.....

.....girls really do just wanna have fun!
Give a girl an occasion, and she's sure to make fun out of it!
This time the occasion was Zoey's 8th birthday. Her birthday fell on Easter this year, but the celebrating started on Good Friday, w/ a trip to the movies to see Hanna Montana w/ 8 of her gal pals and then over to her house for games, presents and of course cake and ice cream!

Since her birthday was on Easter, Zoey wanted a bunny theme for her party.

Her friend Elana gave her the sweetest little Fairy necklace. Can't you just tell how pleased she was w/ herself, she knew how much zoey loves Fairies.

Zoey and her friend Hannah

Zoey and Maya
Her friend Abby made her the most precious card

Zoey loved it and we all appreciated the time and thought that went into making this very special card! To me, there is just nothing like a handmade anything!

Her friend Heaven also took the time to be creative and she too opted for a handmade card.

Here's Zoey w/ her 2 friends (Danielle and Sam)that she plays with when she comes to YaYa's house.

Of course they wanted a pic of them wearing their silliest faces.

And finally, the best part.....make a wish, and let's eat cake!

Here she is on Easter Sunday, along w/ her Great Mimmy (her great grandmother)

YAY...another wish, and more cake!

Yep, girls know how to have fun alright!
Happy Birthday sweet Zoey Bug!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Newest Selling Venue

Well, like so many of my artist friends have already done, I too have finally taken the Etsy Plunge!

I must confess, the thought of opening an Etsy shop never appealed to me. I had heard friends talking about it and even recommending it, but I just never thought I would want to. I'm so busy as it is, and the thought of having to have one more slot to keep filled seemed overwhelming, that is until Ebay wouldn't leave well enough alone, and also since I saw a very talented fellow artist on the cover of Somerset Studio magazine! Yep, a very talented artist not only graced the cover, but she also had a wonderful and lenghty feature in the mag, and I was so surprised to read how she was really noticed on Etsy. How can one go wrong I thought. Maybe more exposure is a good thing. I even shared my thoughts and intentions w/ a few of my friends, and it's nice to see some of them are also taking advantage of this opportunity and have taken the Etsy plunge too! It took me a while to put my intentions into action, but i've done it!
I just listed my first piece in my Etsy shop today.
It was super easy to do, and the price to list can't be beat!
Please visit if you are interested in purchasing.

A special thanks to my buddy Mo for all of her help, and also to Tonya for fixing my banner to fit my shop!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A SPECIAL Giveaway at Mo's

My sweet friend Mo of Wings and Paws Whimsies is giving away one of her extra special creations! It's one of her yummy Chalk-lets, and his name is Old Blue eyes! She's drawing the lucky winner this Sunday, so don't delay, get over to her blog and sign up to win!