Thursday, November 27, 2008

May you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Selling blog

I've started a blog to sell my dolls on. It's still under construction, but one of my friends already found me and stopped by for a visit. What a nice surprise it was.

Anyway...I hope to add some small items for sale for the holiday season, so be sure to stop by and check out my new selling blog. :)

Thanks as always and Happy H0lidays!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Very Special Auction

I don't usually promote other's auctions, but for a good cause, i'll do just about anything, especially where the animals are concerned. This auction is certainly worthy and is very near and dear to my heart, and let me just say, the work of this gal is exceptional!
Pam of Goldiloo Woodworks is donating 100% of the sale of this auction to
The Humane Society of Marion County in Arkansas.

Pam is a friend and fellow animal welfare advocate, and she has a big big heart. And although she loves all animals, like me, she has a special fondness for dogs. She lives in rural arkansas, and she is always finding unwanteds along side the road, or at peoples homes, and she and her husband will always help, by bringing them home, and finding a shelter to take them in. Anyone who works in animal rescue knows this is not an easy task. Most shelters are full, and are not always eager to take in another animal. It's not that they don't want to, it's that they only have so much room, and limited help, and very limited financial funding. That is why this auction and the charity it represents is so important. So many people love animals, but do not realize that the shelters are so limited in their ability to help b/c of lack of funds, especially in today's economy, the animals and the shelters are really suffering.

Anyway.....if you love dogs, and you've ever lost one, this auction is for you. Perhaps you know of someone who has lost a beloved dog? What a nice gift this would make, and you would be helping out an animal at the same time. Again, I cannot say enough about the quality of Pam's work.

If you're inclined to help for a good cause, then please take a look at this
Thank you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Belated to you Mim

I wanted so badly to pay tribute to my late Grandmother last Friday for her birthday, but I was under the weather, and then playing catch up w/ sewing. I know she won't mind me being a little late.

Yep, Halloween was my Mim's Birthday, but if she was a witch, she was the Good Witch of the East! We always had a party for her every Halloween, and it was always so much fun to celebrate w/ her! We called her Mim, which is French for Grandma. She was the best Grandma ever, and I do mean ever! Warm, loving, and caring, like all Grandmothers should be.

As a child I spent my weekends and summers at her house, along w/ my cousin who was the same age. I lived for Fridays! I have so many fond memories. She taught us how to sew, and when we were real little she would order little crafts through the mail, and we would always look forward to coming to her house to create whatever she had gotten for us. She enjoyed it as much as we did, and she was so very patient w/ us. She made everything fun!
She used to can everything from pickles to peaches to mincemeat, and it was nothing like they sell in the grocery store! Mmm, I can still remember the smell.

She loved to reminisce about the old times, and we loved hearing her stories.

Christmas was always spent at Mim and Pip's house, and I just cannot tell you how magical they were. She loved to decorate her house, and it looked like a Christmas Wonderland, w/ those old Putz houses, and twinkling lights, and tinsel, and the blanket of snow on the mantel, oh she had so many decorations, I sure wish I had them now. She bought a Santa suit and stuffed it full and dressed up for us kids. She would make her voice real deep, and I can still hear her say "Ho ho ho!" she was such a kid at heart! She loved RED, and there was plenty of it in her home too. Oh, what I wouldn't give for another Christmas Eve spent w/ her when we were little and she was in good health, when things were so simple, or so they seemed to us.
She lived a good long life to the ripe old age of 85.
She always told me that I looked like her when she was little, and now when people see pics of her, they comment on the resemblance.

Here she is on her Wedding Day in 1928, that's my Pip on the left.

And here she is holding my Mother in 1930

Lovely...inside and out! I love you Mim, and I miss you every day.