Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Walking through the Fire

Some of you know that I have been wanting to address the situation in my local city's Animal Control Facility. I prefer to call  it  "The Hell Hole" or "The Dungeon". I'm sure after seeing these "before " pics you will understand why. To think of walking in there was like preparing to walk through fire.....seriously, I am that scared of what I might see. To witness suffering firsthand and not be able to do something about it is too scary for me. Thank god for the wonderful rescues who heard my pleas for these 2.

I mustered up the strength to go down to the dungeon b/c I had to help a pregnant mama pittie who had been taken from an abandoned house that I was notified about. The animal control officer agreed to give her to me so that I could find a rescue for her. While I was there picking her up (he brought her outside to me) I asked him what was inside. I asked my friend to please go in and take pics of the animals in there so that I could find a rescue for them.
I would be lying if I said I was anything other than horrified by what I saw.
It took every ounce of courage I have in my body but I walked in there, YES I DID! And...I walked out w/ these 2 dogs. Well, I walked out w/ the little one, and contacted rescue for the other one and they came and got her. You can see she had a terrible wound on her tail (pictured above) , and needed medical attention stat!
If you think you cannot make a difference...think again. You can.

 Here is Harper in the dungeon. You can see she has a terrible wound on her tail. She was TERRIFIED of the ACO. Of course I am wondering how she got that injury.

 Here is Harper after getting out. It took quite sometime to gain trust and get her into the car. She is a sweet dog, but very terrified of men. Clearly she was abused,
She had to have her tail amputated yesterday.

 This is LambChop
This is the pitiful sight I saw when I walked into the dungeon.

This dog was paralyzed w/ fear and would not move. She wanted to bite the other lady b/c she was so scared. I had to sit there and talk sweet to her to try to gain her trust. Eventually I was able to reach out and touch her so she would know I wasn't gonna hurt her.  I got the leash around her neck, and tugged slightly, but she still wouldn;t move. After about 10 minutes she took her first step, and out of the dungeon we went. She squatted down and urinated on the grass for what seemed like forever.
She looked like she came from a puppy mill. I wrapped her in a blanket and off we went.

 Here is Lamb Chop after her second of several grooming sessions. She had layers of matting and some of the fur seemed to be felted to her skin.
The Vet thinks she is about 12 yrs old, and she has a tumor on her belly.

 She is now warm and comfy and feeling loved in her foster home. Can you believe the difference?

If you would like to help the rescue that saved these 2 dogs and has made such a difference please consider donating to them so that they can continue to help dogs in need such as Lamb Chop and Harper.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My sweet boy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you Troy for filling my heart with love, and touching the lives of so many the short time you were here with us.
 I will never forget you Pound Puppy extraordinaire.
Run free w/ no horrible cancer to burden you.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Gift

I truly thought the gift was for him.....

This is Troy, a 10 yr old black Lab/Retriever mix found wandering the streets of a suburb of Detroit. He ended up at a local pound where I had been walking the dogs.

I don't know who could throw him away, he is so beautiful and gentle. He also has cancer, in the form of a relentless tumor on his jaw that is growing by the day. I will never understand how he ended up at the pound.

I adopted Troy on August 21, and my life has not been the same. I only adopted him to keep him from being put down by the men in uniforms. I wanted better for this boy. I only intended to take him to my vet for humane euthanasia.
 It wasn't so simple.

I ended up bringing him home w/ me for hospice care. The oncologist said it is melanoma. His days are very numbered and the time to take him for his journey to The Rainbow Bridge is drawing near as the monster is on a mission. The cancerous tissue that was once contained to one one side, is now appearing on the other side of his gums.

I now realize the gift is mine to embrace.

Thank you Troy for giving me the honor of spending your last days w you.

Troy has his own Facebook page. Follow along on the journey of this remarkable pound puppy if you are so inclined.