Sunday, April 27, 2008

New for Simply Primitives

Here's just a peek at my offerings for the May 1st. update on Simply Primitives. You only get a peek, and to see them in their entirety you'll have to wait for the update...but I'll give you a little clue, they are the latest from my RED WHITE and DENIM Collection!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Because of you......

my eyes were opened and my life forever changed.
A tribute to my Lucky Girl

It wasn't my intention, I didn't plan for my life to change after my encounter w/ a stray black dog. But it did, and profoundly.
She was just a stray black dog, I had seen this countless times in my life before, but this time was different. I had seen this dog walking w/ people along the busy streets just outside of Detroit, and at first I thought to myself "How neat that you can walk your dog w/ no leash on a busy street like this". Then I saw her again, a few days later, same scenerio, same dog, different people.
This time she chose a lady w/ her small children. She looked as if she belonged to them, and I think she wanted to, but she didn't. This time, I had to ask......even though I didn't want to b/c I think I knew the answer, and my thoughts were right. As I circled around again, I noticed the stray black dog drinking out of the mud puddle, and I poked my head out of my car window to ask "Is that your dog?", the young mother said "No, she's just following us". I sighed heavily, b/c I just knew my hope was too good to be true, I knew this dog did not belong to anyone, only desired to. I knew I couldn't just turn away and leave her.
She agreed to take the dog home, as she said her husband had been wanting one, she said. I told her thank you, and I gave her my address and number and told her to call me if she decided not to keep the dog, and I would come get her. I sure didn't know what I would do w/ her, as I already have two of my own at that time.
Well.....a couple of days later, I went by, and they said they could not keep her, she was a sweet dog, the husband would say, and he were certain that she must have been beaten, as she cowered so often. They told me how their little 2 year old girl would carry food around in her hand and the dog never tried to take it from her, she was a good good dog, but she kept going potty in the house, and the young mother had her hands full w/ her own small children. No time to devote to this young stray, and I understood completely.

I went and got my crate, and returned to pick her up. It seemed as if she knew me forever. I had intentions of taking her to the Michigan Humane Society, but instead brought her home to give myself time to think it out. I decided I would take her to my Vet to be sure no worms, and to get her shots.
It was love at first sight, and I don't use the term loosely. I named her...her name would be Lucky, b/c she was. I was going to keep her.
She was such a scared girl, the man was right, someone had mistreated this girl, and left her to fend for herself on the streets. She clung to me, and went everyhere I went. She was easy to potty train, she was one smart dog. But, she was scared, scared outside when she would hear a noise. It made me realize what she must have went through and how scared and lonely she must have been wandering those streets searching for refuge, just wanting to belong somewhere. I knew I had to keep her, I loved her, and I don't mean maybe. She worshiped me, and I knew she knew I had saved her life.
I have never seen more gratitude, it was clear and evident, this dog was thankful for me.

As time went on, I noticed her becoming more and more protective and posessive of me. My hub could not even kiss me goodbye w/out her doing a slight lunge at him. Nothing drastic, but certainly some red flags. All of a sudden out of the blue, Lucky and my Mia began to fight viciously, and I got in the middle of it, and was bit on my thigh. It was horrible. It happened again, this next time w/ my sweet Nelly who was scared of her own shadow. Lucky lunged at her and started to fight. I couldn't have this, it wasn't fair to Nelly and Mia, and my nerves were shot, but I loved her so. How could this creature who was so very gentle w/ a baby be so mean w/ another dog? It made no sense to me. I was forced to contact a rescue. I had never done anything like this before. All I could do was cry, and cry and cry. My love was so strong for this dog, but I could not keep her. I took her to Petsmart for the Adoption Fair, and she was adopted that same day. I wasn't prepared to say goodbye so soon, but I had to. I'll never forget that day, the day I handed the leash to the new owner, and walked away. Lucky's eyes followed me all the way as I walked out of that store as if to say "Where are you going", I knew she didn't understand why I was leaving her, b/c she thought I loved her, and if so, then why was I leaving. Oh, it took me so long to get over her, and my feelings of abandoning her. I would call her new owners, and they would ask me if she had tried to jump the fence at my house, and no, she had not, not once. I knew then she was trying to come back to me. It was heartbreaking for me, and I would wake up in the middle of the night worried about her. No one understood, they tried, but they just could not understand how I could hurt so over a dog.
Like any heartache, time was the only thing that eased my pain. I kept having to remind myself that she would get used to her new home, and she would adapt. And while she may not be treated as good as what I treated her, it was still better, better than what she had before our paths crossed, and my life was forever changed. Better than her wandering the streets wanting to belong. I couldn't give her the beautiful life I felt she deserved, but she certainly was better off.

I still see her occasionally, and she has adapted, and no longer tries to follow me out to my car when I visit. Even her eyes have stopped following me. It's bittersweet, but I am greatful. She has made the transition, she has adapted.
It's been 5 years now, and I have had to put it behind me, and move forward, forward to help others in her situation, looking to just belong.

I am so thankful for our chance encounter. Lucky is responsible for saving so many. Because through her, I have realized the need, the need for me to stop what I am doing and take the time to help. And while I can't save them all (as my Vet tells me), I know that to the ones I can, it makes all the difference.

I'll be sharing more of my foster stories in the future.

I love you Lucky girl!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

They say it's your birthday.....

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Today is my Rebekah Boo Boo Bear's birthday. She turns a quarter of a century old! Yep, the big 25!!

She's been celebrating all weekend, starting w/ lunch w/ her sister and I on Friday, at Fridays...hehe! Then to her dads to spend the night on Friday night to play board games like they did when she was a little girl. Out w/ friends last night, and today she's off to another friends, but I'll try to get her over here to have a big birthday breakfast w/ us before she takes off.

And then.....we get her tomorrow! We are having family over tomorrow evening to have a BBQ to celebrate. She's requested Fajitas, w/ all the trimmings, including pico di gallo and guacamole!

Happy Birthday Becky dear! We LOVE you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Princess of a Patriot

Here's my newest gal. She's goin on Ebay tonight at 10:15 PM edt for a 3 day auction.

Thanks for peeking and have a beautiful night :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

My buddy

Awwww, Cookie of Curds and Whey is such a sweet gal!

When she calls you friend, you know she means it. She has the neatest way of saying "Hey Buddy", so lighthearted and so chipper.
She sure does look at things w/ a the glass is half full attitude! She is friend to many and always trying to help someone.
She has presented me w/ this Thank you for being a friend award, but I want to say thank you to her for being my friend!

I am passing this "Thank you" along to each and every member of TDIPT!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

And the award goes to.....

ME...and I'm honored!

Mo from Wings and Paws says she enjoys visiting my blog, and I am just thrilled that she does. She has shown her appreciation for it by selecting me (among others) for this award.
Mo.....thank you so very much, and right back at ya, b/c I enjoy your blog too!
I'm to pass the "E" award onto 5 others, and it's sure gonna be difficult keeping it to 5, b/c there are so many out there that I enjoy visiting, but I'm just gonna have to manage, now aren't I?

With great pleasure, i'm passing this award onto........

Cookie of Curds and Whey - THEE place to visit for your daily dose of laughter and humor and then some!

Nancy of Notes and News from Nancy- such a beautiful blog w/ plenty of eye candy and sentiments. Always so interesting!

Debra of Pilgrims and Pioneers - a new friend and a most delightful all-around pleasant visit w/ recipes, family history, and doggies too.

Peanut of Country Folk Keepsakes- Always something fresh and inspiring. You may laugh you may cry, but you will always come away better for the visit.

Jamie of Peach Street Primitives- just the sweetest gal w/ the very sweetest personality, and her blog reflects just that!

There's so many more deserving, but the limit's the limit, right?

Thank you again Mo!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Princess!!

It's hard to beleive that it's been 7 years, 7 years today that the world was made a better place :)

Today is my Zoeybug's 7th birthday, she is such a little sweetheart, and again, it's hard to believe she is turning 7 already.
Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday we got that phone call that my daughter was in labor.....her first child, my first grandchild from my first child. What an exciting day, and such a beautiful Spring morning too. Ahhh.... again, where does the time go?

Anyway....Zoey is a lucky little princess, she gets 2 parties, one last evening for family, and one today for her and her friends.
Papa and I gave her Guitar Hero (yep, she's a rock star alright), and my Mom and sis gave her a Hanna Montana real digital camera, and boy was she having fun w/ that!
After enjoying pizza, yummy chocolate cake and ice cream, Miss Zoey invited us to watch "The Waterhorse" with her, so off went the lights and we curled up to enjoy a most delightful and heartwarming family movie!
I took my camera along, but the batteries were dead, so no pics from her party last night :(

...but here's a pic from Easter w/ her sticky bubbles!

Today her and her bff are being treated to a manicure at the salon, and then her friends will come for games and all that good stuff that little girls enjoy!

What a lucky girl you are sweet Zoey!

Happy Birthday my sweet Angel!


Ya Ya

Monday, April 7, 2008

......and a Hero Comes Along

Oh, I just love this gal!
She is so couragous! Like Tammy Grimes (founder of Dogs Deserve better), and so many others, I just love dogs. I hate the thought of Man's best friend being chained up for their entire lives, alone, w/ no companionship, and often times w/out food, water or adequate shelter. Many are left to suffer in extreme heat or cold, w/ little to no regard from their owners who usually sit comfy in their cozy home, stuffing their faces, while their poor dogs live an agonizingly lonely life, often times forgotten.
These dogs are rarely ever taken to the Vet for needed medical care and in the winter suffer frostbite, and in the summer, of course, flea infestation and fly bites, again all the while their owners are comfy!
Tammy is so brave and determined to make a difference, that she would, and has gone to jail to help a suffering dog. Can you imagine that? Helping a suffering creature landed her in jail! Sheesh, I sure to wonder about some of our laws, here in this Land of the Free!

Anyway..... she is just the best. Her and another gal from this wonderful rescure are emabarking today on a 12 day journey to "Anywhere Backyard America" to save as many dogs from a life of cruel tethering as they can. They will strive to raise public awareness, but it won't be easy, you see, many folks remain ignorant, and consider their dog nothing more than a lawn ornament! I just wish these people could know what it's like to be chained up for a week, let alone their entire lives.
If you've never checked out her web site, please do, as you'll find all kinds of Happy'll see pics of dogs who have been rescued and are now living the good life, the life they deserve, in homes w/ families. Left behind are their chains and delapitated dog houses, thanks to Tammy and the determination of the kindhearted folks at DDB. While it is sad to know this problem exists, it will do your heart good to know that changes are being made, and yes, some people really do care, and do make a difference. Tammy has devoted her life to making a difference.

Please remember....Kindness Matters!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finally, a fella for Ebay

I've been spinnin my wheels again (I'm gettin really good at that), and just not feeling too creative or inspired or anything. I think it's the weather, it's been so cold and winter-like, but today it was a beautiful Spring out I went w/ my Patriotic gathering to take pics. Here it starts on Ebay tonight at 10:15 PM.

I'm thinkin FOURTH of JULY!!!!

Now, I'll just hold my breath and cross my fingers and hope that Ebay does not shut my auction down due to listing in primitives/antiques catagory, like we all have always done. All these changes have got me feeling a bit leary to list anything these days!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A great loss

It's a sad day for many in the world of prim artists.
We've lost our dear TDIPT sister Sue.
She along w/ her lovely sister Lynn were known to all of us as "2stichin".
Their business name said it all......2 stitchin. Not one, but two, two of them, together, stitching.
Together they have created some of the most lovely reproduction stitcheries.
I had the priviledge of meeting Sue when she along w/ sister Lynn excepted our invite to our ebay prim group TDIPT. They had never joined a group before, and they were so excited, and we were just honored to have them. It was a pleasure getting to know them, and a beautiful friendship grew over the past year and a half.
I was blessed to be the recipient of a Spring basket from Sue last year during one of our TDIPT swaps. I won't forget how her and Lynn shared w/ us how they had such fun while shopping for goodies to fill their baskets with before sending them off to their lucky TDIPT friends. In TDIPT we have swaps fairly often, and Sue and Lynn participated in all of them. They talked of how they would make a day of it, and usually would join their other sister and Mom for lunch on that big shopping day.
Oh, we'll miss her so very much!
We don't know what the future will bring for dear Lynn and her stitching now. We do know that all of us in TDIPT are gonna be right there for her, for whatever it is she may need. We can't change what has happened, but we love and care deeply and we will do whatever we can to help Lynn through this terribly rough road that lies ahead of her.
Lynn, we love you and we are here for you.
Sue, we'll never forget you.
To send your condolences, sign Sue's guestbook, or make a donation, please click here.