Friday, April 13, 2012

what I've been doing.....

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.....

When the new year rolled around, I vowed to make this year a more productive year. I've needed to stay busy to keep the focus off of my emotional pain. I've been in severe emotional pain since losing my mom in October 2010, and working so hard to heal my broken heart and work through the grief. As those of you who have lost loved ones that you were so close to know, it takes time, plenty of time to really accept the loss, and the void it leaves you with in your life. I knew that finding a purpose, and being productive were key to getting though this loss, but try as I may, I kept spinning my wheels. After my mom died, I didn't even feel like creating, and creating is what I used to enjoy doing so very much, and it allowed me to channel some of my depression, and general sadness that I carried around, but that outlet just was not doin the trick for this overwhelming life change that was mine to own, to feel and to adjust to. UGH! Thinking of it makes me wonder how I have made it through...but I HAVE made it through, and I am feeling some relief.

Many of you know that I have always loved animals, and have that special fondness for dogs. That's how I got my business love for dogs, I just knew my name had to reflect that about my business, and myself.
I used to do rescue and fostering, but I became overwhelmed w/ the sad animal stories, and the sadness felt unbearable. I used to focus on the ones I couldn't help, as there were far too many, and I could not get them off of my mind, and it consumed me, and then the sadness came and I was a mess! I felt somehow that if I was happy I wasn't being fair to the ones who were left behind. It was very hard for me to feel any happiness when I knew there were so many animals suffering and in such horrific conditions. This world is not a nice place, and so much cruelty exists, and at the hands of humans, and the almighty dollar being the motive.

I had to step away from working w/ the animals for awhile, and that's when my creating became front and center stage in my life. That was about 8 yrs ago I believe. My doll making allowed me to poor myself into each creation, and defer all that sadness. Having suffered through this most recent loss, along with other family issues that are beyond my control, I have had to learn to be strong, and with that I am better able to think of things a bit differently now. I have grown.

Now.....I find myself stronger, and better able to cope w/ all the sadness as long as I can do something to help at least one, then I work to focus on the one that IS being saved, and to not dwell so hard on the ones who are not. It's not easy by any means, but it is a start and it is living more productively, and it makes ALL the difference to the ones I am able to help to safety!
I was never able to go into a shelter to help one, b/c I thought about the ones left behind. Now I do go into the shelter to take the one who would otherwise die. Seeing this first hand is helpful to keep me from turning my back on them all, b/c of not wanting to deal with the pain! I cry with everyone I take out of the shelter and hand over to the rescue. I cry happy tears, and each of them has a place in my heart forever. are a few of the dogs that I have had the honor of being able to help in just the past few months.
Thank you for allowing me to share with you. I know there are so many kindhearted souls out there that are helping the voiceless, and to you I am grateful!

This sweet older beagle girl captured my heart! Seeing this pic of her at the shelter that gasses compelled me to make it my mission to save her! I couldn't stand to see her look so frightened. I was so thankful to find a rescue to agree to take her, so off I went on the 2 hour trip to get her and deliver her to the kind lady at Last Chance Rescue.

Here she is on the way to the rescue. Doesn't she look better and less scared? My only regret is that I couldn't hold her b/c I was driving, but most important is she is safe.

THIS little girl started it all for me at this particular pound.

Here is Bonnie Bon-Bon. The animal control officer said she was aggressive and he was not giving her any extra days past her stray hold. The volunteers who help at the pound told me otherwise, and said she was just scared. I was so thankful to find a rescue for her too. I knew the minute I picked her up that she was sweet, and she was.
Here she is pictured w/ the couple who adopted her!

These next 2 pics are of "The Joplin Gang". They came from Joplin MO to here in MI and then over the bridge to Canada to a rescue. I was lucky enough to do one leg of the transport. All of them are now in furever homes.

Casey and Zoey

Molly and casey

The nest 2 pics are the Southern Belles (Gypsy and Katrina) from NC. They were transported to a rescue here in MI, and I had the privilege of transporting from Toledo to Birmingham MI! They stold me heart!

Here is Tawny. She didn;t stand a chance. She was in the gassing pound 2 hours from me. Thank God my fav rescue agreed to take her, as the pitties there never get rescued, they always end up being gassed. This girl was such a pleasure, and she sure reminded me of my Mia. She had the same personality, and she was 76 lb, but wanted to ride on my lap whole I was driving!

Anyway, that is what I have been so busy doing, and I am so thankful I am able to do this!

I am still going to get some doll making done in between, so be on the look out for new creations from me.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New for TDIPT Mercantile!

Here's just a little peek at my new offering for TDIPT Mercantile. I am running way behind today, and still need to edit pics. I will have them up on the site this evening!

Thank you for your patience :)