Thursday, July 31, 2008

New for Simply Primitives

Here's my new gal. She's one of my wall hangers, and she will be available on Simply Primitives for August 1st.
Thanks so much :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Funny Face...I love you!

hehe......that's what I think of when I look at this silly fella!

He's goin on ebay tonight, and I have to tell ya, it took me forever to get him listed! I am feeling way rusty, as it has been so long since I've had an ebay listing.

As always, thanks for peeking :)


Awards are so nice. We love them , don't we?

We've enjoyed them being handed to us since early school days where they were offered for such things as end of the year field day events, classroom spelling bees, and science projects! They help us to feel a sense of achievement or appreciation, don't they?

It's always nice to feel appreciated for something, and our blogs are no different I suppose. While my advice to others just getting started w/ blogs who are worried that they may not have anything of interest to share , or no one will care, is always......"don't worry, just speak from your heart, and don't try to be like anyone else, be yourself, and never ever let your blog become a tool for a popularity contest, always remember to make it your own, and unique to you" ~whew~, I have to does feel good to know that others enjoy visiting, and enough so to offer an award saying so!
Anyway, thank you to
for mentioning my blog. I am honored and humbled at the same time, but very happy that you enjoy visiting, after all, who doesn't love company?
We are asked to pass an award onto others, and I am so fond of so many, that it is almost impossible to mention all, but.....I do have one new blog in particular that I have really been enjoying visiting. It's the brand new TDIPT Mercantile Blog....and the members take turns posting, and I find it so much fun to see and hear about them, and I'll bet you will too.
Be sure to stop over for a visit if you haven't done so already :)
As always, thank you for coming by!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Overnight Getaway

Well, for starters, it wasn't long enough!

I traveled w/ my two daughters and granddaughter about an hour north of Detroit to Port Huron, which is home to the Bluewater Bridge which goes to Sarnia Canada. On this side of the bridge is the St. Clair River, which opens up to Lake Huron just beyond the bridge. It's a stunning view to see the river open up into such a grand body of water, and it's easy to see just how this bridge got it's name, as the water is a beautiful turquoise color.

A Great Lakes Tradition Like no Other!

It was an exciting time up in Port Huron, as they are host to the prestigious Port Huron to Mackinac Race, which featured 12 yachts in 1925, and is truly unique, as participants and observers from around the world become a part of the history of this race.

This sailing tradition is the largest fresh-water sporting event in the world. It now includes more than 265 boats, ranging in size from 26 to over 90 feet, and tests the skills of 3,000 sailors.
The yachts begin to arrive along the Black River on Wednesday before the race. The sea of masts, sails and flags provide a colorful backdrop for the celebrations along the riverfront, which attracts more than 75,000 visitors.

ooops, sorry for the double, can't seem to delete it.
Friday night was "Boat Night"and the entire town was in Party Mode. The boats were all lined up along the Black river, and everyone was celebrating. The streets were shut down, and it was one big party!

The Salon on the corner featured live mannequins, and it was amazing to see this gal be so still, the only thing moving were her eyelids to blink, once in a great while.
Of course we stopped to visit w/ the dogs, and they were so sweet, they kept trying to kiss Zoey.....I wonder if it had anything to do w/ that ice cream cone? And what a small world it is, as the guy who had the dogs ended up being a customer of my daughters at Applebees where she tends bar.

Before heading back to our hotel, Zoey spotted the carnival, and had some fun going through the Funhouse! We wanted to have dinner downtown on the riverfront, but as you can imagine, all of the pubs and restaurants were so crowded, we couldn't get in.

We came back to our hotel (The Thomas Edison Inn), where we had a really nice dinner out on their patio (where you see the blue umbrellas), then it was up to our room where we sat on our balcony to watch the boats go by.

We got up early the next morning to see the sailboats parade by on their way out to the lake where the race to Mackinac would begin. The hotel sits right across the river from the Casino over in Sarnia Canada.

Just look at this huge freighter!

and the Coast Guard.

We decided since we weren't able to get into the riverfront pubs the night before, we would try again for lunch on Saturday, and sure enough, there was plenty of seating available out on the riverfront patios.

There were still sail boats leaving the river for the race, so we got to see them pass by to head out to the St. Clair River, and eventually to Lake Huron as we enjoyed lunch. You can see the drawbridge opened up in the background, enabling the boats to go through.

It was a nasty afternoon though, and the rain and thunderstorms sure did put a damper on being able to watch the boats pass by, and I'm sure the sailors and there crews were less than happy as well.

All in all, we sure had a nice time, even considering the weather, it just was not long enough for me, but the good news is, it's a one tank trip from where I live, and I plan on booking the hotel for next year, and hope to stay for the entire weekend.
One of these years, I would like to see the start of the race from Port Huron, then head up to Mackinac Island to see the finish!
Michigan is a beautiful state, and if you love water like I do, the Great Lakes are such a treat to visit!
I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My latest.....

I don't mean to be so boring w/ regard to my posting lately. I just don't have much of anything going on right now that is worthy of sharing w/out the risk of boring someone to death!, However, i guess I'll mention that I'm so very busy w/ making the final preparations for Stevie's Graduataion party, it's just phone calls to order tables, cake and food, cleaning cleaning and more cleaning, and also getting the yard ready for the party. Sorting out old pictures for the Memory board...and that has been fun, and also it has me asking, "where did the time go" once again. Seems like I'm asking that a lot lately.
Anyway...we're having an Open House yard party, w/ a Mexican Buffet, complete w/ Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Chips and Salsa for appetizers, then a Taco bar.....and what Mexican Fiesta would be complete w/out Margaritas?
So...that's what has been taking up all of my time lately, but I did manage to get this gal made. She coordinates w/ the boy bunny I made a few weeks back.
I'm also working on a creation for TDIPT mercantile where
we are celebrating Christmas in July, so be sure to check it out on the night of the 14th, which is also my son's 18th Birthday.
I'm tired just thinking about having to squeeze in a celebration so close to the other party, but gee whiz....18, that is such a special birthday! My son will get to vote for the very first time in a Presidential election.'s hard for me to imagine my baby boy pullin that lever!
Well, I guess I did have something to talk about after all....and I hope I didn't put y'all to sleep w/ my rambling. daughter and I are gonna sneak away for an overnight mini road trip this Friday. It's going to be fun, and it is one of my very fav places to visit here in Michigan! I'm so excited, and it was just a last minute thought, and we were able to get a room in the hotel right near the event. I'll give you a involves racing, not cars or motorcycles, but sailboats, and it is an annual event. They have one in Chicago too, but that was last week. You can google it if you really have to know what it is right now. Here are the keywords you'll need. Port Huron Race Mackinac.
I will be sure to post some pics when I get back.
Thanks for letting me babble.....and also for allowing me to share my newest creation.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Wishing you a Safe and Happy
4th of July!