Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Awards are so nice. We love them , don't we?

We've enjoyed them being handed to us since early school days where they were offered for such things as end of the year field day events, classroom spelling bees, and science projects! They help us to feel a sense of achievement or appreciation, don't they?

It's always nice to feel appreciated for something, and our blogs are no different I suppose. While my advice to others just getting started w/ blogs who are worried that they may not have anything of interest to share , or no one will care, is always......"don't worry, just speak from your heart, and don't try to be like anyone else, be yourself, and never ever let your blog become a tool for a popularity contest, always remember to make it your own, and unique to you" ~whew~, I have to say...it does feel good to know that others enjoy visiting, and enough so to offer an award saying so!
Anyway, thank you to
for mentioning my blog. I am honored and humbled at the same time, but very happy that you enjoy visiting, after all, who doesn't love company?
We are asked to pass an award onto others, and I am so fond of so many, that it is almost impossible to mention all, but.....I do have one new blog in particular that I have really been enjoying visiting. It's the brand new TDIPT Mercantile Blog....and the members take turns posting, and I find it so much fun to see and hear about them, and I'll bet you will too.
Be sure to stop over for a visit if you haven't done so already :)
As always, thank you for coming by!

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