Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another GRAND TDIPT Swap!

Our TDIPT Group had another one of it's outstanding swaps. This time around we decided to try to keep it simple.....and make a modest handmade for our partner. We had a monetary limit to purchase things that they may like.

I was fortunate enough to have Susan Burd of County Crocks for my partner, and as you can see.......the swap goodies I received from her were anything but modest. Just look at the treasure- trove of gifts....all wrapped so primtastically.

Susan hand painted this wonderful candle box for me to hold my sewing notions. She even made a pinkeep on top. She knows how much I love Americana/Patriotic, and I could never have designed or asked for anything more perfect to my taste! I absolutely love it!
She also sent me the prim heavy cotton Amercian flag , that you see in the background. It's just the perfect size too.

Along w/ the wonderful Americana box, she gave me a painted gourd basket w/ handle, with painted gourd eggs inside. I LOVE it too!

As if that wasn't already more than enough, she sent a beautiful larger size hog scraper, some wax ducklings, a set of her beautiful note cards that she designed herself, and a yummy smelling candle in a Clove Pomander scent. Mmm Mmm Good!
She also sent me some yummy fabric, which I have already used for my Americana Abbey!

2 bars of goatsmilk soap

..... and last but not least some yummy edibles!
She knows I love black licorice, and she also sent me some of the infamous Wilbers Dark Chocolate from her area of PA!
Thank you dear Susan for making me feel like a Queen for a day! I am so happy to have this gorgeous box, designed and painted by you just for me. I will cherish it always!
By the rare chance that you may not already be familiar with Susan's wonderful handpainted designs....please check out her website, you'll be glad you did.


Carol Roll said...

Patty you lucky girl!!!! Susan is a doll and she really did you right!!!!

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