Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Hard to believe this lil guy turned 1 on Thursday! Where has the year gone?
Cooper had his birthday party yesterday. My camera was acting up, and most of the pics were extremely blurry :( , but I managed to get a few that were not.
He got a lot of toys and had a blast playing with them, and he really enjoyed digging in to his personal cake, with his favorite thing in the world......a baseball on top!

Such an angel :)

I think Daddy has his eye on that baseball too.

Mmm Mmm good!

Gotta share a taste w/ Sissy!

One bite just isn't enough. More please brother!

Fascinated w/ all the balloons mom got, although to him...they're "Balls".

Happy Birthday sweet angel!


NothingPlainByJane said...

Now THAT is a real DOLL BABY! I just know you are bursting your buttons over him; who wouldn't be?!
It just doesn't seem like a whole year already. Don't blink or he will be in college! Jane

bayrayschild said...

You sure are a cutie patootie!

Yes, the time has gone by Patty.
My Aiden will be 2yrs. old next Sunday.

Enjoy his sweet little presence before he gets too big=)


Carol Roll said...

Hee Hee Patty what a sweetie pie!Those first birthdays are so special and I know he was spoiled rotten that day! Love to see Zoey and him together!

Cookie said...

how precious.... and look how big Zoey is getting! PLease tell them both to quit growing up!

happy birthday little man! x0x0