Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally HELP & HOPE for the Voiceless

I truly am busier than I have ever been in my life. I am busy making a difference, and being productive, as I said I would be at the beginning of this year. I just had no idea THIS is what I would be busying myself with.

This emaciated baby sat behind the brick walls and steal door of the pound in my city. Picked up from a home that called her mean. MEAN? This girl could barely lift her head by the time we got to her, and as you will see as you read, she is anything but mean.

For so long now (I'm talking years) I have wanted to get help for the animals in the God forsaken pound where I live. YEP, I wanted help, and I wanted SOMEONE to do SOMETHING, b/c like so many it's just too painful to see the images of sick animals or suffering, and we all want help for them, but we also tend to want to look away and hope someone will do something. After all, this pain interferes w/ out lives, right? This was ME. Yes, I was THAT person who wanted help for these animals, but never saw myself as being the person who would be the one to step up. After all it is VERY painful for me, and I have nightmares about this place, but if I look away, then these images become the symbol of their fate. If I have opportunity to make a difference, how can I look away, w/ the excuse that it is too painful? I have to press on, and work through the pain and have HOPE that eventually, the change that is needed HERE will happen.
  The Animal Control Officer in this town has been on the job for over 20 yrs now, and he is a one man show, and no one questions anything there, including conditions, or what is done w/ the animals. I know...SCARY, right?

These images are of a sweet little emaciated dog that we have named Sissy. She sat alone in this dungeon, and she would have died there, but this was not to be HER fate, thanks to opportunity, and acting upon it.

    Sissy in the arms of the angel from the rescue who agreed to come and pick her up

 This is what sissy looked over bones. How could her owners say she was mean? how could the cold hearted ACO stick her in a cold damp kennel, and say to me "This one is mean"?

Here is Sissy now. Getting the love she has never known, thanks to the wonderful ladies from the rescue who took this angel. they will have her fattened up in no time and in a loving home.

Today, I am grateful for opportunity, not only to help these castaways myself, but for the help I get from others, b/c I could not do it without them. It takes rescues, and money for these animals to be seen by a Vet, and foster homes to house them until they can be adopted. It takes a village, and I a happy to be a part of it.

 We truly can make a difference.


jennifer768 said...

God bless you and the rescue angels!Poor Sissy !How heartbreaking it is to look at her poor starved body and know that she had not felt love to you all rescued her.Sissy mean no,the previous owners and the pound yes I can see meanness on resting on their shoulders.Thank you for stepping in!Hugs,Jen

Primitive Stars said...

God Bless You And All the Angels that help these goodness, my heart breaks to see such loving dogs look like can someone do that to a dog or any other animal....Poor sweet Sissy, thank you for all you do for the dogs, you are my hero...... Pray Sissy finds love and a forever home......Every time I see your post I know the tears will flow but thank God for you and others that go in that horrible place to rescue the help them find love, are truly remarkable women.....Hugs Francine.

Carol Roll said...

How appalling!!!! those people are complete idiots. i'm cranky when i'm hungry but this lil angel looked too weak to bark! Thank God for people like you with the strength and courage to do this difficult rescue work.
God Bless you always Patty!

Dogpatch Primitives said...

thank you ladies. I am seeing progress and an so grateful.