Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nothing Compares....

nothing compares.......to a TDIPT Swap!!!

I've been involved in some pretty nice prim swaps in some of my ebay groups.....but there aint no swap like a TDIPT Swap, trust me! The members of our group are not only some of the most kind, caring and talented folks to walk the face of the Earth, they're thee most generous you could ever hope to meet.

Some of you know I have been under the weather for the past couple of weeks due to a not so normal recovery from a root canal. I started to feel really sick and swell up just a few days after having it done. I am still having some facial and jaw pain, but I am starting to feel better. I should know in a few days (when the anitbiotics are gone) if I will even be able to keep my tooth that the root canal therapy was done on. I'm sure keeping my fingers crossed!
Anyway...that brings me to say, I'm way overdue on my posting, and especially regarding my swap treasures from none other than Suzanne Davis of Pear tree Primitives. When this gals sends goodies...she sends the Mother lode! I must be thee luckiest gal in TDIPT, but then again, I think we all think we're the luckiest of recipients!
My big huge box arrived on the day I first started feeling ill. What a delight it was to get it, and it really perked me up. The timing was perfect. I knew she was talented, but I hadn't realized just how multi-talented Suzanne was....until I opened and started unwrapping. My oh my......it was incredible!

So, I guess I should stop teasin, and start showin!

Suzanne had everthing packed so nice and neat.

Just look at it all! I got some of her folky notecards, that i've been admiring for sometime now. And look at the cute Beagle "Pupper weight"....hehe, how fun is that? She knows I love Black Labs, and she sent me a Black Lab magnet. Also some yummy smelling tarts, wrapped so pretty. You can see to the left, a neat little wooden beehive bobbin. It's just the neatest little thing!
She also sent Starbucks and some really good Peanut Roca and Chocolate too!

But just look at this! Can you believe she sent me one of her handmade floorcloths? I have never had one, and I truly love this, with her own original design that she has hand painted onto it! I was just amazed!

She also sent along the redware bowl and eggs that she painted as well. She really put a lot of time into her gifts for me.

I would have been delighted w/ this, it was more than enough. But no......there is more!

Look at this sweet creature! She is a clay head bunny, and I am in love w/ her! Look at her dress! I will be keeping her out year round, she's not just for Easter.

I told you....Suzanne is multi-talented! And she home schools her two teenage boys as well. This is definitely one gal who has her ducks all in a row!

There's more......

BUT....my very very favorite of all is this wonderful handpainted portrait of a dog, created in the likeness of my very first foster doggie, "Lucky"

I will cherish this forever, and am so happy to have something to always remind me of the sweet little dog who changed my life, and is responsible for saving so many more.

That's still not all.

I almost forgot, but not Suzanne, she didn't forget a thing. She was thoughtful enough to send something along for my Granddaughter Zoey. In a white box, tied w/ pretty green ribbon, was a handmade chick charm, and Zoey was delighted to wear it to school to show all of her girlfriends.

Did I mention, nothing compares to a TDIPT Swap?

Thank you dear Suzanne!

OK.....now that I'm feeling a bit better, I hope to get started on some of the fun goings on in blog land. I've been tagged a few times, and awarded a couple more times, and just need to catch up. I'm not ignoring, I promise, I just have not been up to playing, but I think I'm BACK, for now anyway.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

WOW! You sure did hit the mother lode Patty! Then again all the gals who participated did. Suzanne does such beautiful work!!
Hopefully that tooth will calm down and can get back to feelin' like your ol' self again. :> )

Dogpatch Primitives said...

thanks Peanut!
you're right, all of us swappers have received our own personal mother lode!

Annie said...

o0o I loved looking at all your presents! WOW those TDiper's really know how to swap! Hope you are feeling much better and back to your old self again...Have a great day..Annie

Dogpatch Primitives said...

thank you Annie :)

Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

Okay, now I've Sinead O'Connor in my head! ;)

Anyway, I'm taggin you! I was tagged to share 5 things about myself that others may not know and I would love to know 5 things about you! So get to sharin' and then tag 5 other bloggers. Check out my blog to see what I came up with! LOL

~ Jamie

Cookie said...

I can understand why Suzanne was so nervous when the box came up missing for delivery from the post office. Everything is so beautiful - I love it all - but like you said, Suzanne's work is always impeccable!

Hope you are getting some relief from the toothache, that's way too hard a way to lose weight!


Dogpatch Primitives said...

Jamie, are you sure it's not Prince?
You mean you don't already know everything about me?

Cookie, yep, I now understand the concern Suzanne had, and why.
Feeling better (thanks so much), now to decide if I should have the root canal redone as suggeted, or go for the implant! UGH! I'm not good w/ decisions!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOH, look at all of your goodies.... spoiled girl, I am sure you deserve it!!!

PS I added your blog to mine....
Hugs, MO