Thursday, September 25, 2008

Danger Will Robinson!!

Oh my.....I bet some of you are too young to remember that quote, and others haven't heard it in a long while, but it's been running through my mind ever since having a mishap w/ this Antique Iron Corn Cob Dryer yesterday.

I love my primitves, but I'll tell ya, I'm not lookin at this piece w/ nearly as much admiration as I once did! In fact, I'm downright scared of it now!

With October soon approaching, I've been doing a bit of Fall decorating, and was eager to get my corn cobs onto this primitive cob dryer for a nice colorful Autumn display.

The dryer is made of heavy iron, and is a bit rusty, but in overall great sturdy shape. The ends of the prongs are sharp like an arrow in order for a fresh ear of corn to positioned on each one and hung to dry. You do have to work at it though, and getting those suckers on there isn't an easy task, especially when your corn is Indian Corn, and already dried, as mine was.

I got a few ears in place, when I was working w/ that one there pictured below. I was pushing and screwing and really working hard to get this one on, and it was particularly difficult, and I wasn't making much headway when all of a sudden, a piece of the cob broke off, and the tip of the sharp metal (and rusty) prong plunged right into the palm of my hand!

At first I felt nothing, then all of a sudden BURN like fire! It is a pretty nasty puncture wound. I realized a bit later that I couldn't recall when I had my last Tetanus shot, so off to the clinic I went.

Needless to say, there it sets, half empty, still needing some cobs added to it, but I'm not feeling the need to today. I'm gonna take a big step back, and give it a couple of days for me to get over the! I think I'll get out the trusty drill and pre-drill the holes in those cobs!

The good news? It's my right hand, and I'm a lefty!

Anyway.....if you've one of these neat prim contraptions.....



Janelle said...

OMG Patty! I hope you're not in too much pain today, and am glad you were able to get into a clinic for a tetanus shot!
The display will look awesome when you have it done, but I think I'd be drilling some holes in those other cobs too!


Tallowberry said...

Ouch, Patty, bet that did burn! Be very careful, it'll look great when finished but you don't want to hurt those talented hands of yours. Take care.


7_Crows_Hollow said...

OUCHIE!! Patty, sure hope you can use your hand! What a terrible accident. Let us know how the drilling goes and please be CAREFUL!!


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Bless your heart. Want me to take that bad thing away from you so you don't get hurt again ? ;)

Shay said...

Oh my goodness Patty!! Ouchy, I hope you are better today! That is just awful and I'm so glad you could get over to the clinic for a shot! I'm so glad you are a lefty, as I know all the fans of your work are too! ;)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my friend, I am sorry.... Geeeeeez!!!! I am glad you are a lefty though!!! Tetanus shots hurt... how is your arm today??!!! Lame, Lame...Hugs to you my dear friend!! MO

Brenda said...

OMG!I know I would have done the same thing...push and pull and force those suckers onto the dryer...and then I would have thought of the drill...I'm so bad....
Hope you are better soon; and ready to conquer that blasted dryer once and for all! Show her who is boss! LOL! It'll be gorgeous!

Jennifer B. said...

Oh Patty the price we pay for the perfect decor!!!! I hope your boo boo gets better fast!!!

Debra said...

Oh My Patty! Good thing you thought about that Tetanus shot! Especially with it being a little rusty. I think I would drill holes in the rest of them too!

fiddlestixstudios said...

OMGosh,Patty-I LOVED Lost in Space,when I was a little girl,it was probably my favorite show!
OH!I started cringing for you,the minute I started reading about you putting the corn on your drying rack!OUCH!Glad your O.K.,and it didn't do any serious damage to your hand!

Cookie said...


I loved Lost in Space too - that Dr. Smith just burned my britches every week ... he could squeal like a little girl better than anyone I've heard since! haha

I think what blew me away more than anything (and dont ask me why) was the fact that you are a southpaw! See there, you learn something new everyday if you are willing to stop and listen ♥

Get better soon!

Plum Thicket said...

Hope you are feeling better! That hurt just reading about it...

Dogpatch Primitives said...

thanks girls, it's healing up nicely!

btw...I used to like Dark Shadows too ;)