Friday, November 7, 2008

A Very Special Auction

I don't usually promote other's auctions, but for a good cause, i'll do just about anything, especially where the animals are concerned. This auction is certainly worthy and is very near and dear to my heart, and let me just say, the work of this gal is exceptional!
Pam of Goldiloo Woodworks is donating 100% of the sale of this auction to
The Humane Society of Marion County in Arkansas.

Pam is a friend and fellow animal welfare advocate, and she has a big big heart. And although she loves all animals, like me, she has a special fondness for dogs. She lives in rural arkansas, and she is always finding unwanteds along side the road, or at peoples homes, and she and her husband will always help, by bringing them home, and finding a shelter to take them in. Anyone who works in animal rescue knows this is not an easy task. Most shelters are full, and are not always eager to take in another animal. It's not that they don't want to, it's that they only have so much room, and limited help, and very limited financial funding. That is why this auction and the charity it represents is so important. So many people love animals, but do not realize that the shelters are so limited in their ability to help b/c of lack of funds, especially in today's economy, the animals and the shelters are really suffering.

Anyway.....if you love dogs, and you've ever lost one, this auction is for you. Perhaps you know of someone who has lost a beloved dog? What a nice gift this would make, and you would be helping out an animal at the same time. Again, I cannot say enough about the quality of Pam's work.

If you're inclined to help for a good cause, then please take a look at this
Thank you!


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Thanks Patty ! :)

Mad Red Hare said...

I love that sign! I am involved in greyhound rescue and lost one of my beloved hounds this past year. I must have it!

Anonymous said...

hello my friend!!! Yes that Pam, how sweet huh? I have a feeling that I have been outbid again!!! LOL!!! Enjoy your Saturday and enjoy your fur babies.... Hugs, MO

Mad Red Hare said...

Hey, I tagged you. Come on over for a look see!

Debra said...

This is such a great cause! I hope she does well with the auction!

Debra said...

I so hope this auction went well!
I have given you an award- go to Pilgrims & Pioneers to get it!