Monday, March 9, 2009

I've said it before.....

and I'll say it again

"There aint no swap like a TDIPT Swap"!!!!

I was fortunate to have Cookie of Curds and Whey as my swap partner for our TDIPT Easter/Spring swap this year. As you can imagine I was delighted, and rightly so, she is a wonderful doll artist who goes the extra mile to make many feel so special, and for this occasion.....I had her all to myself! She sent a wonderful box of treasures to me, and when I opened the box, I saw a beautiful array of gifts...all wrapped so festive and pretty in pinks, polka-dots and browns!
But.....a week or so before this big box of goodies arrived I received this wonderful humongous book, that Cookie purchased for me and sent early, b/c it's so big and heavy, no sense to pay postage twice. This book titled simply "The Doll" is one of the most interesting doll books I've seen. It tells the history of so many types of dolls, and lots of wonderful pics and such, and Cookie knew I would appreciate having it, and I sure do!

Then......inside the box, within all the lovely wrapping, the rest of my wonderful gifts!
I got some Breakfast in Seattle coffee from Caffe Ladro, and some yummy black licorice dipped in white and dark chocolate. Cookie knew I loved Licorice, and she had it specially dipped in the yummy chocolate. What a treat it is!
I got 2 really neat old of a sweet faced baby girl, the other of a bunch of Lab fav!
Then a neat old chocolate mold in the shape of a dog. Hmm, I wonder is she thinks I like dogs?
She sent me a journal (I've sure needed that lately, and she knew it), and an old brass Angel sitting on the letter "P", as well as a key chain in the shape of a "P".
A sweet litho Uncle Sam that she made just for me. AND.......

I knew she would send me a wonderful Curds and Whey original....but I never expected anything this detailed!

When I saw her, you could have knocked me over w/ a feather! Just look at this charming little Americana dollie that she made just for me. She came w/ her very own handmade drum and her own drum sticks.
Her name is Doodlebug and I'm gonna love her forever!!!
If you've never seen a Curds and Whey dollie up close, or had the privilege of holding one in your hands, you have no idea what you are missing. The craftamanship is of the highest quality!
This sweet lil gal had me in tears! Everything about her was perfect, from her red white and blue sailors dress, to her tiny little hands and feet, to her fun hair do! I just cannot tell you how very precious she is in person!

And...Cookie, being the extra thoughtful class act person that she is, even sent along a gift for Zoey and 2 bags of treas for the doggies!

I was in awe of all the treasures she sent me, and I am now in love w/ a gal named Doodlebug! Can ya blame me?
Thank you dear sweet Cookie for putting so much thought, hard work and effort into making my swap box so perfect just for me!


Cookie said...

aww, Patty - you are so very welcome! I was happy and thrilled to find the things I did ... they seemed to be exactly what I was looking for and you know it doesn't always come that easy when you are shopping for someone else.
I am waiting for the postman to show up on my doorstep right now - and will let you know just as soon as I get my box ripped into!
thank you buddy ♥

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

If Doodlebug wants to vacay in Arky she is welcome here anytime :) Cookie sure did ya up really good. Its all just perfect for you.

Janelle said...

I was fortunate to have Cookie as my swap partner in the FIRST TDIPT swap I participated in, so I know whatcha mean when ya say she knows how to spoil a girl...
Little Doodlebug is the sweetest lil thing!

The Prairie House Primitives said...

That Cookie is the best! She sure knows how to spoil a gal-but then again i cant think of a more deserving gal to spoil ;o)

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

What an Awesome Swap you got from Cookie! Wow! So many Fabulous Treasures! You can send me that TDF Dog shaped Chocolate Mold when you get tired of it, Patty. hehehehe Hugs, Starla :)