Saturday, March 7, 2009

Run Free Old Mister ...

and be young again as you make your way to the Rainbow Bridge, no aches no pains, and in the company of so many who've gone before you and suffer no more.
Sadly, Old Mister was not able to be adopted out b/c of so many health issues.
There was a nice gal who was willing to take him into her rescue and she had a perfect foster home in mind until she learned of the many things that afflicted poor Old Mister.
Money was not the issue, as we could have tried to raise enough for his care, and many were willing to donate to help this guy, but the nice gal pointed out to me that she didn't know if she would put her own 12 year old dog through all the necessary poking and prodding to remove broken teeth, do biopsies on the many masses, and surgeries. I had to agree, and I think if Old Mister could talk, he would have told us the same.
It truly was a much kinder and far more merciful act to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge, and he did just that on February 26th.... surrounded by loving arms and w/ his dignity in tact.
I'll not forget you Old Mister, and w/ your 2 week stay at the shelter, many feel the very same way. I'm thankful you came into my life, even for such a short time.
To know you was to surely love you.
Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to stop by to read Old Misters story. He didn't have much goin for him, but he had a story, and people who cared to know it.


Anonymous said...

Bless his heart...he is running free and a pup again.... and bless your heart too my friend... Love ya, MO

Mad Red Hare said...

Sometimes you have to love someone enough to let them go. Thank you for caring. I once took a stray cat into my vet that had been hit by a car in front of my house. The vet said the kindest thing to me, "thanks for helping this guy out".

Janelle said...

I'm so glad that Ole Mister found you, and that his last days were spent with loving and caring people...thanks SO much for sharing his story with us Patty..


Naija said...

Now he is free

She Seeketh Wool and Flax said...

I couldn't get to your post quick enough, I was hoping to read that he had been adopted. But thankfully you rescued him and gave him some loving arms to hold him and love him till the end. At least he didn't die a horrific death on the streets by himself. I hope all of us can help our four legged friends just as you did
Bless you~Cheryl

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Patty, as much as it breaks my heart to read this, he is now free of the pain and illness he had.
He was truly blessed to find someone as wonderful as you! Keep fightin' the fight dear one. :> )

Village Folk Art said...

Ohh Patty...a cry does us good...I just wish I could keep and care for all these precious gifts from above. Bless you for giving him the love, care and comfort he so deserved.

Much Love to a Speacial Lady,

Anonymous said...