Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hope in our Hearts

It's so hard to imagine the devastation over in Haiti! I've been watching the coverage since the earthquake, and each night I just shake my head b/c it is so difficult to fathom the depth of suffering that so many are now forced to endure. Things just seem to get worse, and it's b/c of the mass devastation. People are helping, we, the United States, and so many other countries are there to help but it just isn't enough. It's so hard to remain hopeful, but we must! I saw today that they pulled a 70 year old woman out of the rubble, and she seems to be OK after a week with no food or water. Yes, I guess we must have hope!
While I was watching the coverage, they were showing how the search dogs go into the rubble, and right in the middle of harms way to alert the rescuers if someone is in there needing to be rescued. They are responsible for saving so many lives. Without them, people in need of help may be overlooked. They go where man can't or won't go unless he knows there is someone in there. It's amazing to me that these creatures, (appropriately titled mans best friend) are so very valuable to us, yet some still regard them only as property and wouldn't even think of letting them in their house.
I want to help in this disaster too, as so many do. I think it's just in our nature to want to help one another when it is needed. With so much overwhelming sorrow, there is some comfort to be found in seeing so many working together to help these victims.
My "Hope in our Hearts" doll is going on ebay tomorrow, and while I would love to give 100% to charity, I cannot at this time, but I do want to donate 50% to a charity. I'm not sure yet what one I'm going to give to. I'm struggling, really struggling with this one. I tend to want to give to the animals first, b/c it seems not enough is ever done for them, but seeing so many people in need over there, it has me wondering if it's the right thing to do in this case, but after seeing these search dogs tonight, it reminded me that without help, these dogs could not be trained, and many are just shelter dogs who would otherwise be put to sleep. I feel strongly there is a need to help the people who make it possible for us to have these wonderfully trained 4 legged helpers, as they have helped the people of Haiti and will continue to help people in future disasters, so I think I'm going to be donating the money to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in utah. They do so much good for so many, and they sent me an email saying they have been asked by many to go down to Haiti to help, and they will. They never put an animal down and they work feverishly to rehabilate an animal, even if it takes years, and yes, some of them have gone on to be therapy or working dogs!
I don't know if Ebay's Missionfish offers that charity, but I will give it more thought, and find one that I feel comfortable with, but rest assured, that helping the animals, is helping the people in the long run.


Cookie said...

wonderful Patty... anything you can offer will be a blessing - and I pray your sweet Hope will generate many hearts to give BIG!

Carol Roll said...

Patty your work is from your heart and that is evident. She is beautiful!

bayrayschild said...

She's beautiful Patty!

Hooray for rescue dogs and giving people!


lovetheprimlook said...

She is stunning !!! Patty, you are an angel !!! God Bless you !!!

Hugs, Angie

Tallowberry Primitives said...

Where would the world be without the kind hearts of people like you.

Best of luck with Hope.

Dogpatch Primitives said...

thank you Cookie dear!

Carol, you are a doll, and you know Im such a fan of your wonderful creations!

Thank you Audrey...right back attcha, as you know I love your dollies!

Angie, you're a sweetheart, and a kindred sister, such an angel to the animals!

Diane, the world is a better place b/c of giving people like you!

Maggie/Cedar Hill Rustics said...

Patty she is precious.. and so are you for your donation. I would love to learn more about the organization.
I am a dog (animal) lover myself and always want to do something for them.

Blessings and I hope she brings out the deep pockets.
Maggie =)
Cedar Hill Rustics

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Love this dolly! Thanks for being a real life angel !Hugs~~Pam

Katherine said...

She is gorgeous Patty! God bless you!