Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simply Primitive

That's where you'll find this guy tonight.
I'm running a little late for my 15th of the month update, but Sharon was kind enough to let me slide.
Thanks Sharon!

I know I've not had anything to talk about here on my blog lately other than my work. I don't mean to be self serving, it's just that time of the year, and like so many others, these winter months always have me feeling a little blah, so I muddle through as best I can. I know that once Spring is within reach, I'll feel rejuvinated, and more inclined to talk.

Until then...I'll just keep sewing.
I feel ashamed to feel blah with the horrible conditions in Haiti, but I'm going to make a little something for ebay to go towards helping those effected by such devastation. It's so very sad.

With a grateful heart, I Thank you for stopping by :)


Carol Roll said...

Patty this rabbit is so divine! Your faces are the best be it human or rabbit giggle. I love your quote on the side, it really is appropriate. Something to adhere to and you certainly do.

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Oh Patty..your new bunny is wonderful! :-) I hear ya about the winter's tough, especially where you live with so much snow and gray weather. I'm sending happy, loving thoughts your way...hugs..Susan