Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please consider them......

While you're warm and toasty in your home.

I know I know I know..... it's painful to see these images. No one likes to see them or think about the suffering. I know I don't. I don't look at, or share this image b/c it's easy, pleasant, or enjoyable. I do it b/c I must look at it, and you must too, if you care about helping animals, you must see this in order to know it exists, and to help to make a difference.

I was going to post about the work that the Best Friends Animal Society is doing over in Haiti, but after receving my email from the Michigan Humane Society (AKA the Animal Cops Detroit), and being reminded of the story of "Ice", I felt I needed to post about the countless dogs forced to live tethered outside their entire lives, some without so much as a dog house, and if they are fortunate enough to have a dog house, many do not have straw to keep them from freezing to death in these cold winter months.

Images such as this are disturbing not only to see, but it's even more disturbing to know there are countless animals just like "Ice" (pictured here) who are forced to be out in the cold and not even considered, let alone given shelter, food or water. We must at least consider them if they are ever to be helped.
Ice was one of the lucky ones. Someone saw her and yes, they considered her, therefor she was able to be helped. I know we don't want to know, and I myself am guilty of not wanting to know, and wanting to turn away from these thoughts and images, b/c it's so painful to see, and it hurts my heart to know of the suffering. But these things that bring us the temporary pain can be the very thing that may save an animal from enduring a life of suffering. Sometimes these disturbing images are what promts us to do something, whether it's just to be more aware of an outside dog that we may see when passing by in our warm car, and perhaps it's what make's us make that phone call to the proper authorities, or to make a monetery donation to a rescue, b/c w/out donations, the phone calls would be in vain. These rescues need money in order to have the resources to help animals like Ice.
Ice's story has a VERY HAPPY ENDING,
and that is why I made the decision to post it here. I want you to know that you alone can make a difference. One person, just like you or I made the difference by making a phone call, and b/c of people like you or I, The Animal Cops of Detroit were able to get Ice out of harms way and into the shelter, and eventually into a very , loving home where he is fat, happy, loved and warm, all b/c he was considered!
Please take the time to look and consider, and please check out this video, b/c it will do your heart good to see how far this sweet creature has come. She's livin the good life now! Hallelujah!

Please, if you care about animals, then please just consider them for a moment. If you were that animal, you would want someone to consider you, wouldn't you?

OK, I'm off to make a very small donation. It certainly isn't going to be much, and it alone seems like it won't be of much good, but together w/ all of the other very small donations, it adds up, and yes it does make a difference. It made a difference for Ice and it will make a difference for others just like him.

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Carol Roll said...

Its so good to know this painful image got someone to act and I understand this dog now called Ice is plump and in a good home with kids and has a nice yard to run in. Our pets are a wonderful gift and should be treated kindley.