Sunday, December 12, 2010

Missing you today

I think today is the first day I have really grieved for my furry family member. With losing her so suddenly in the midst of my Mom being in Hospice.....and just days before my mom passed away, I believe I truly have not dealt with it. I think I wouldn't let myself feel the sorrow, as the sadness of losing my mom was too great. I haven't understood it, b/c I love Mia so much, and I've known something was just not right with me not crying for her, as I loved my MoMo (just one of the many silly nicknames we had for her)....she was the clown of the bunch. So now I realize I guess it's only right that the numbness would eventually give way to the tears. Today it has, today the numbness is replaced, and I can't seem to stop crying for her. I've spent weeks crying for my mom, on and off, as I think anyone does when they lose someone that means so much to them. But I'm working through the sadness as best i can, and today for the first time since losing my baby, the tears flow for my sweet friend Mia.

I need to post about her, she is deserving.

Mia's story

My daughter found Mia in a bad neighborhood back in 2001. She was just a little pup standing in the street, and when Becky stopped the car and got out to coax Mia out of the street, she wouldn't go, and instead wanted in the car, she was determined she was coming home with Becky. Mia never would take "no" for an answer. It's one of the things I loved about her....she was pushy, but in a fun sorta way.

Nelly loved her, and she and Mia were friends immediatley, and Nelly even let her think she was the "Alpha" doggie.

We couldn't say the words "birdie, kitty cat, or squirrel" without her tilting her head, then going crazy whining and running through the house like a banshee wondering where these creatures were.

Mia lived a nice life, with the freedom to take a nap on our beds, and I cringe to think what her life might have been like had Becky not come along and swooped her off the streets.

I take great comfort in knowing we made a difference for her. She gave back to us tenfold though..... she made us all laugh, and we all felt safe with her here protectecting us. She had a nice deep bark, and alerted us when a stranger would come to the door.

Mia had been receiving treatment for some urine incontinence the past 6 months or so, but other than that was doing well. We could not have known that she had a tumor on her spleen, as it was virtually symptomless until that sad day when we woke up to her not feeling well, and getting sicker by the hour. Upon taking her into the Vets, we would discover it had ruptured that morning making her gravely ill. We had her put to sleep that afternoon.....October 15th. It was all so sudden.

Today, I am missing her, and I bet if Nelly could talk, she would say the same thing.

Run free sweet MoMo.

I will never forget you or the joy and laughter you brought our family.
Thank you.


Susan Pilotto said...

I am here for you my are in my thoughts. Susan

Mad Red Hare said...

So sorry for your loss. I lost one of my precious pups a month ago. It is never an easy time to lose them, but so close to losing your mom, is even harder.

bayrayschild said...

Sending you a big hug my friend.


GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

They come into our lives & feel it with so much love and it feels so empty when they are gone.
Your were blessed to have each other.
RIP Mia~~Hugs~~Pam

Flora said...

I am so sorry for your loss my heart breaks for what you must be feeling with both lives taken away from you. The love and loss of your mom and the wonderful way you took in the little guy was meant to be,the cycle of life continues.
We are all enriched by those we love and unfortunately have to lose. Prayers for brighter less painful days.