Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack!

I know some of you must think I fell off the face of the earth, but no worries, I haven't. For starters I've had major computer problems, and I was unable to access blogger for the last few months. Although I could access my blog and others as well, I was not able to access the dashboard to make posts, or leave a comment on anyone elses blog :(

All is good now, and I have a brand new puter for Mothers Day.....and I'll be back to posting and of course making the rounds to visit my friends.

I've also slowed way down on my doll making the past few months. I just haven't had the desire to sew/create. Instead I've been giving myself some much needed time to really grieve and try to heal from the sadness of losing my Mom. I went to a support meeting on grief, and was surprised to hear that when we lose someone significant in our lives it may take up to 2 - 5 yrs to fully grieve, as there are many stages.
I am doing well, and of course have my days, but I'm adjusting to that horribly empty feeling that had consumed me for so long and now I'm not feeling so sad and empty so often anymore . Today I even laughed, and I mean really laughed from deep inside when I was talking to my friend about something my Mom had done. Thank you friend for laughing with me today.
It feels so good to laugh, and to be able to think of my mom and laugh at the same time. I hadn't even imagined being able to do that just a month ago.
I know my mom was right up there in heaven laughing along with me and I know it did her heart good to see me able to do so.

Anyway, thank goodness for good friends who care so much and want to cheer us up, and actually can!

Candy dear Candy.....thank you so very much for the book. I take it and read it from time to time and it is helpful. I'm so lucky to call you friend.

It's good to be back!


Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Hi Patty, I'm glad to hear you are taking time for yourself and giving yourself time to grieve for your sweet mom. I know how dear she was to you. I hope you are finding healing and comfort during this time of transition. Many hugs, Kimber

bayrayschild said...

Welcome back Patty!
It's so good to feel the happiness in your writing.

Thank You for the lovely comment you left on my blog.

Love and Hugs Sister,