Sunday, May 29, 2011

I've been promising.......

pics of my trip to Connecticut for sooo long now that I'm gonna have to start w/ last years pics since I just visited recently again this year!

I have lots of pics of lots of different things and places we visited, so I'm going to make a few different posts.
I think I'll start w/ some pics of my cousin Sue's wonderful 1700's Cape! I'm telling you, a visit to her place is like stepping back in time a few hundred years, honestly.
It was easy for me to understand why her home was featured in EAL several years ago. She tells me then been asking her again, but she has declined.

A lot has changed since our visit there in April of 2010.
Sadly, Sue's husband Pete was diagnosed w/ stage 4 stomach cancer in October, and passed away in November. What a shock this was. Aside from his knees hurting him a little when we were there in April, he seemed healthy, and he was the best host /chauffeur anyone could ask for. He showed us all over the NE area, and was happy to do it!
Things just aren't the same without Pete.

Sue and Pete had 2 wonderful rescue dogs.

Here is Meg enjoying a swim at the state park by their house. Meg came from a rescue down south just the year before, and I'm sure you'll agree....she loves the New England area!
Pete would throw the tennis ball out into the lake and she would retrieve it. What fun it was to watch. Meg absolutely adored Pete, and rightly so, as he treated her like a queen!

And here is Jakie. He was hard of hearing, and it was hard for him to get around when we were there last year, but he was determined to suck up every bit of life he had left in him, and he wanted to go everywhere we went, and he did. Pete would lift him into the van, and away we would go. he's enjoying some banana pudding in this pic.
Jakie passed away just a day after Pete did.
He was 14 years old and was treated like a king his entire life.

Inside the Buttery

How do you like this candle holder?

Original (not a repro) board of rules

My favorite room in the house!

True make-do's.
Each of these pieces were broken, but fixed to make-do. The plate was actually tied together.

One of the 3 stone sinks

Game room?

Collection of Leather Tobies

The kitchen w/ stone sink

One of three fireplaces. They used it for cooking sometimes as well.

Just look at this gorgeous old cupboard overflowing w/ pewter, and more Tobies on top.

Don't you just feel like you've stepped back in time? I know I did, and I was just amazed at this home and the decor.

Stay tuned, as next time I'm gonna show you some pics of the beautiful Stumpwork my cousin has collected. It's fascinating!

And then it's on to Deerfield!


bayrayschild said...

WoW Patty!
All I can say is drool, drool, drool!
I would have been in my element surrounded by all of those precious
So glad you had a grand time!

Thank you so much for sharing.
Hugs, Audrey

Susan Pilotto said...

Hello Patty...I envy you your trip to such a wonderful old home! Hugs Susan

annie said...

These are just wonderful pictures, I love all her antiques. There is always a hole left when someone we love passes, things may ease our grief, but nothing ever really fills that empty hole. This is my 1st visit to your blog. Thank you for sharing!

Carol Roll said...

Incredible!!!! I am dying to see more!

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

I love all of it, each & everything Patty.Looks like prim hog heaven to me. :) HUgs~~Pam