Monday, December 15, 2008

And the giving continues....

I'm delighted to say that the giving continues.
My good friend Mo has created a wonderful holiday piece and is offering it on ebay w/ promise to donate 50% of the total to Hope's care! She is a huge animal lover and a kindred sister indeed.
A very special Thank You to all who have donated on my ebay offering, and also, a very heartfelt thank you to 2 more of my wonderful customers who are sending payments to the Animal League to help in Hopes recovery!
Thank you Caroline and Darlene!
These are difficult times for all of us financially, and it is so very kind of you to reach into your wallets and give. Every little bit helps, and again, together we all can and do make a big difference!
Merry Christmas !


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ooopss.... I had a typo...
Patty thank you for all you do to help our four legged friends, your kindness knows no bounds...You are a special friend and I love ya... Merry Merry Christmas my dear friend.. MO