Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A 23 hour "Getaway"?

..well, that's what we called it, but by the time all was said and done, it was more like one big BLUR!!
By the time preparations were made to have someone here to take care of the dogs, and make sure the teenager wasn't left home alone, I was mentally exhausted (b/c of course as mom's we have to worry worry worry about everything), then off to the grocery store to be sure they had food, and make sure the house is clean, b/c you know how they say be sure to have clean undies on and a clean house just incase anything happens while you're gone. Well, anyway, I was almost too pooped to participate!
It was a good thing our destination was only 1 1/4 hours away!
Believe me, Chicago was mighty tempting, as like Port Huron, it is right on the Lake (Lake Michigan), but we had our reservations made for a night at the Thomas Edison Inn in Port Huron, an old port town, just across the river from Sarnia Canada.
The hotel is located right on the St. Clair river, where it opens up into Lake Huron, with gorgeous views of the river, lake and the beautiful Blue Water Bridge to Canada.
We had a 3rd floor room which offered a view of the River, Lake and of course the Bridge, right from our balcony.

We were a bit disappointed that it was cloudy, and even some drizzle, as the water looks gray, and not nearly as beautiful as when the sun is shining and it gives it a breathtaking turquoise blue hue! It's no wonder they call it the Blue Water Bridge!

I took this pic from our balcony, it's the patio that sets off the hotel restaurant. It was early morning, so no umbrellas set up on the tables yet.

On the American side of the river/lake, both American and Canadian flags wave proudly

as do they on the Canadian side as well.

Hub and I picked up some Cajin Deep Fried peanuts at the party store, and this little fella must have been able to smell them, b/c of all the balconies at the hotel...he ended up on ours, peeking into our screen, so I put a few peanuts out there for him, hoping he didn't mind a little bit of spice.

and I guess he didn't mind all that spicy seasoning, as he kept coming back for more and more!
It was such fun to watch him hold the peanuts and lick the seasoning off, before running off with them.
All and all, it was nice to get away, and I did appreciate it, and enjoyed myself, but just one more day away sure would have put the icing on the cake!


~Tonya said...

Thou is was cloudy, it still looks like a beautiful getaway. I am sure one more day would have been perfect! We all just need more time.

I had to chuckly how you said everything you worry Mom's tend too, don't we.

Love your new dollie too. It does take a lot of time to list. I "feel" for you, been there, done that.

Have a great day, Patty.

fiddlestixstudios said...

Patty,I bet you had such a wonderful time!I'm sure it was very nice just to get away,even for a day.Your new Pumpkin dollie is wonderful!!!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Port Huron is an interesting town. Are you a fellow Michigander? Love your pictures, Dawn

Cookie said...

looks like you had a grand time in spite of the weather! We are heading to MN at the end of the month and I love traveling up the North Shore highway along Lake Superior - never done it on a motorcycle before, so I'm really looking forward to it.
Getaways have a way of recharging our batteries, no matter if its a long weekend or even leaving the office at lunchtime!
thanks for sharing, sweets ♥

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Patty,

Lovely photos .. it's nice to getaway for a while, isn't it.. it is so relaxing to be around water and watch the boats. My kind of view , for sure..

did you give the squirrel a rolaid to go with the spicy peanuts ? :o)

Your punkin head dollie is so precious !

Hugs and a happy day !


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

The redneck in my blood keeps looking at them pictures and wondering if the fishing would have been any good ? LOL
Looks like a great getaway to me.

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

WOW! Great pics, Pattykins! I would love to visit there sometime & maybe get to meet up w/ you & the girlies! What Fun! Soooo Happy that you got away for a much needed break. Hugs, Starla :)

Brady Bears Studio said...

Those are great photos Patty! It looks like a really nice place to visit, even if it was short. Any kind of get away can be nice :)


Debra said...

Looks like a wonderful place! Chicago is way to hectic for me anymore!
Glad you got away for some R & R!

Carol Roll said...

Patty what a beautiful place! The lil squirrel is so cute and I had to chuckle about those spicey peanuts!