Monday, April 7, 2008

......and a Hero Comes Along

Oh, I just love this gal!
She is so couragous! Like Tammy Grimes (founder of Dogs Deserve better), and so many others, I just love dogs. I hate the thought of Man's best friend being chained up for their entire lives, alone, w/ no companionship, and often times w/out food, water or adequate shelter. Many are left to suffer in extreme heat or cold, w/ little to no regard from their owners who usually sit comfy in their cozy home, stuffing their faces, while their poor dogs live an agonizingly lonely life, often times forgotten.
These dogs are rarely ever taken to the Vet for needed medical care and in the winter suffer frostbite, and in the summer, of course, flea infestation and fly bites, again all the while their owners are comfy!
Tammy is so brave and determined to make a difference, that she would, and has gone to jail to help a suffering dog. Can you imagine that? Helping a suffering creature landed her in jail! Sheesh, I sure to wonder about some of our laws, here in this Land of the Free!

Anyway..... she is just the best. Her and another gal from this wonderful rescure are emabarking today on a 12 day journey to "Anywhere Backyard America" to save as many dogs from a life of cruel tethering as they can. They will strive to raise public awareness, but it won't be easy, you see, many folks remain ignorant, and consider their dog nothing more than a lawn ornament! I just wish these people could know what it's like to be chained up for a week, let alone their entire lives.
If you've never checked out her web site, please do, as you'll find all kinds of Happy'll see pics of dogs who have been rescued and are now living the good life, the life they deserve, in homes w/ families. Left behind are their chains and delapitated dog houses, thanks to Tammy and the determination of the kindhearted folks at DDB. While it is sad to know this problem exists, it will do your heart good to know that changes are being made, and yes, some people really do care, and do make a difference. Tammy has devoted her life to making a difference.

Please remember....Kindness Matters!

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Debra said...

Those two dogs sure look like a pair of sweeties!